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Events are led by community members with something special to share. Occasionally, guests from outside the community are invited to speak on specialty topics.

Living a Life Filled with Happiness & Peace of Mind

with Tom Searcy

The unprecedented levels of turmoil we experience in our lives has left so many of us, our friends and families anxious, depressed, unhappy and sometimes even hopeless.


Our world and our society undergo significant change about every 50 to 80 years, so we experience this emotional upset not infrequently. Change and growth create “productive destruction” of outmoded societal institutions and systems, causing many people to experience painful loss long before the fruits of progress create positive impact on their lives.

Right now we are experiencing massive change, the greatest since our country was founded 250 years ago.
This is the root cause of our current, deep discontent.  


  • Over 65% of the U.S. population report that they are generally unhappy with their lives.  

  • It borders on astonishing that only 12% of those polled by Gallop say they like their jobs.

This program will not change anything in the world, but it can completely change your outlook for the better, and a change in your outlook can create real happiness for you. You are the only one who determines whether your life is blindingly successful or filled with disappointment.

If you feel your life could be better, you are right. We will offer suggestions that can make unassailable happiness a reality for you.

Please join us.

5 week class on each Wednesday morning in May beginning May 3, 2023
10-11:30 am

Class size will be limited to 20 participants.
Registration is appreciated. Simply reply to this email.  

Offered on a donation basis.  

This class will meet at Southfield each Wednesday in May from 10 – 11:30. We will meet on the second floor in the room located directly above the receptionist desk. Feel free to ask the receptionists for directions if you are unsure of the room location.  

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Tom Searcy, BCC, is a life coach who guides his clients with a whole-person perspective as they move towards self-mastery and into a deep level of genuine happiness. 

Throughout Tom’s career, he has excelled on a national stage. Money Magazine recognized him as one of the top 200 financial planning professionals in the United States. Financial planning taught him that it was limiting attitudes and beliefs, not financial roadblocks, that most determined success or failure. As his clients changed their beliefs and attitudes their financial affluence blossomed.

Tom recognized that negative beliefs and attitudes limit people in every aspect of their lives. This observation caused him to redirect his concentration to guiding clients toward a more whole-authentic-self. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” There is enormous untapped potential in each of us, and it is Tom’s intent to inspire his clients toward maximizing that potential.

Tom Searcy is certified in the cutting-edge science of communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For years Tom has offered energy balancing and healing protocols integrated with his coaching services, achieving a degree of success that often borders on the miraculous. When clients look inside themselves for answers to their problems, dramatic change occurs rapidly. The possibilities of a more fulfilling life open right before their eyes.

Today, growth in self-awareness and emotional intelligence are increasingly recognized as two critical unmet needs in the business world and in personal life as well. The tools and methodology Tom Searcy employ to bring about powerful changes for the benefit of his clients are unique, efficient and dynamic.


Center for Spiritual Growth

located in Southfield Village
6450 Miami Circle South Bend, IN 46614

Our classroom is located on the second floor. Steps are just inside the door to the left. An elevator is located a few steps from the main entrance. Wheel chairs for use while attending the class are also inside the main entrance.

Southfield Village is located one mile south of the St. Joseph Valley Parkway (US 20 bypass), between US 31 and Ironwood Road. We are easy to find and centrally located for our attendees coming from all directions

Arriving via the U.S. 20 bypass:
If using the bypass, take the Ironwood Rd. exit. Go south to Kern Road, which is the second stop sign. Turn right (west) on Kern Road. Go to first stop sign and turn left (south) on Miami Rd. Southfield Village is the large white 3 story building on the left (east) side of Miami Rd. The main entrance is the second left and has a short circular drive with a pond in the center.

Arriving via U.S. 31 South:
Traveling on U.S. 31, turn east at Kern Rd. Go one mile to the first stop sign at Miami Rd. Turn right (south) on Miami. Southfield Village is the large white 3 story building on the left (east) side of Miami Rd. The main entrance is the second left and has a short circular drive with a pond in the center.

Parking is available on both sides of the circular drive

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